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Registering with Baizat

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Have you ever wanted somewhere for help and assistance whenever you need to make an important financial decision? How about if you wish to learn a new skill and change the opportunities you have for mastering your money?

By registering with Baizat you have these opportunities and more, in a way you can trust. Below are some features of registering with us.


Book for Baizat events


We will be holding regular events in the UAE, and occasionally throughout the MENA region. A range of events will be provided for people with different experience and needs. To book for these, you must first register with us.

These events will include:

Seminars: Baizat will hold Seminars on a wide range of different topics at different skill levels; where you can turn up on the day and learn from the experts face to face. Unique Baizat Interactivity ensures that each Seminar is an exciting and empowering experience.

Clinics: Ever wanted the chance to meet face to face with a financial expert with proven experience? Baizat Clinics will offer you exactly this opportunity. Book before and tell us your issues, turn up on the day and you will be able to discuss them confidentially with a Baizat Expert.

Webinars: No matter where you are in the world, you can attend a Baizat Webinar. Simply by registering and connecting at the scheduled time – you will have the opportunity to listen and watch a Baizat Expert in action as they discuss a specified financial area.

More: Stay tuned for other new event types that Baizat will be holding in the near future. Only by registering will you learn this information first hand.


Fill in a Consultation Form – advice you can trust

sales offers the exclusive opportunity to receive advice from our experts via Consultation.

Baizat Consultations offer advice you can trust; learn from our experts and find out how to improve your financial health via an online conversation between you and them.

You may want advice on simple financial areas or advanced investment methods, either way we can help you or suggest the best route.

Registered members can fill in a Consultation Form to begin the process and then manage the conversation in their profile area.


Manage your ‘My Profile’ Area


Once you register with us, you will have access to your own Profile Area. This will allow you to:

Check your Account History: Any purchases or bookings you have made can be managed and viewed here.

Update your Profile Details: Keep your profile or contact details up-to-date.

Use Baizat Resources: View any Resources you have purchased, including; Financial Calculators, Presentations, E-Books and Financial Guides.

More: The Baizat Profile Area will be updated to give you as personal an experience as possible. This will include a Discussion Forum where you can discuss financial advice and tips with other members; and a personalization of the links and features that appear on your page.


Receive all the latest updates first


Registering with Baizat will provide you with updates on all the latest news and activities going on with the Baizat Team.

Find out first when:

  • New updates and areas are on the website
  • The latest events are happening
  • New offers and deals on Baizat Resources are posted
  • Fresh resources, opportunities, activities and much more with us are made available


One more thing...

Registration is Free! What are you waiting for? Get involved with Baizat and change your life - starting today.

To register, simply click "Register” at the top right of every page and fill in our simple and confidential forms.


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